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Serum - Protection from birth onwards


Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (Whole Cell), Hepatitis B (rDNA), Poliomyelitis (Inactivated) and Haemophilus influenzae Type b Conjugate Vaccine (Adsorbed)



HEXASIIL® is indicated for active immunization of infants, at or above the age of 6 weeks against Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Hepatitis B, Poliomyelitis and invasive diseases caused by Haemophilus influenzae type b for 3 dose regimen (6, 10 & 14 Weeks) for primary vaccination and booster dose at the age of 12-24 months.


The HEXASIIL® liquid vaccine vial/PFS should be shaken before use to homogenize the suspension.
HEXASIIL® should be administered intramuscularly. The recommended injection sites are generally the antero-lateral aspect of the upper thigh in infants and toddlers. Do not administer by intravascular, intradermal or subcutaneous injection.
A sterile syringe and sterile needle must be used for the injection. Any other injection if co-administered with HEXASIIL® should be given at a different site.


Primary vaccination :
For active immunization of infants, it is recommended that 3 doses of 0.5 ml to be administered with an interval of at least four weeks between doses starting at six weeks of age.
In countries, where peri-natal transmission of hepatitis B virus (HBV) is common, the first dose of Hepatitis B should be given as soon as possible after birth. In this case, the HEXASIIL® can be used to complete the primary series from 6 weeks of age.
Booster vaccination :
A booster dose of DTP, Hib and IPV should be given preferably during the second year of life (≥ 6 months after last primary dose). Booster doses should be given in accordance with the official recommendations. Booster dose may be provided to children having received primary vaccination of HEXASIIL® or any other DTP containing vaccine and Poliomyelitis Vaccine (OPV and/or IPV).


  • Each dose of 0.5 ml contains
  • Diphtheria Toxoid ≤ 30 IU
  • Tetanus Toxoid ≥ 40 IU
  • B. pertussis (whole cell) ≥ 4 IU
  • HBsAg (rDNA) 15 mcg
  • Inactivated polio vaccine
  • (Salk strains grown on vero cells)
  • Type - 1 (Mahoney strain) 40 DU
  • Type - 2 (MEF-1 strain) 8 DU
  • Type - 3 (Saukett strain) 32 DU
  • Hib (PRP) 10 mcg
  • conjugated to TT (carrier protein) 19 to 33 mcg
Single dose presentation : 1 dose vial of 0.5 ml
Multi-dose presentation : 10 dose vial of 5 ml