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Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd., recognizes its role in ensuring sustainable social, environmental and economic development. The purpose is to ensure not only good health but also provide a mentally stimulating environment that helps the denizens to thrive and achieve their goals. Our CSR initiatives in various fields are a testament to our commitment.

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The Adar Poonawalla Clean City Initiative was inaugurated at the hands of Honorable CM Devendra Fadnavis at the Serum Institute of India head office, India on January 7, 2016

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PM Modi lauds Poonawalla's clean city effort
(Right to Left) Chairman Dr. Cyrus Poonawalla and CEO Mr. Adar Poonawalla, Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Devendra Fadnavis, His Excellency Governer of Maharashtra Shri C. Vidyasagar Rao, during PM's visit to Serum Institute of India on Sunday, 13th November 2016.

Adar Poonawalla Clean City

Adar Poonawalla Clean City is an environmentally sustainable initiative, undertaken by Serum Institute of India and Mr. Adar Poonawalla as a contribution towards social responsibility, and aspires to make Indian Urban Cities more livable. Adar Poonawalla’s vision for the "Clean City" began in 2014 when he found garbage piling up and being dumped across the city. He realized that if India's image had to be improved a drastic change would be required with good management, local government support and substantial funding. He has pledged to fund in his capacity Rs. 100 Crores for this initiative.

Adar Poonawalla Clean City has already begun supporting the Pune Municipal Corporation with infrastructure and management of solid waste, specially focusing on organic waste management and this initiative will cover all major roads of the city by 2017. For further information visit

APCCI Report 20-21

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Villoo Poonawalla Memorial Hospital

The Villoo Poonawalla Memorial Hospital is a Multispeciality Hospital located on Pune-Solapur Highway at Hadapsar in Pune. The hospital has been constructed, equipped and commissioned by Welfare Medical Foundation in assosciation with and assistance from Serum Institute of India who have provided whole hearted financial and logistic support. Special attention is given for persons below poverty line with quality treatments at affordable rates.


Villoo Poonawalla Memorial Hospital, hadapsar, Pune

We provide free primary healthcare to the rural community via Mobile Medical Units. Mobile Medical Units are the best and most viable solution to provide primary healthcare in rural India.

Supply of Vaccines

Serum Institute of India has supplied various vaccines free of cost or or at subsidized prices on several occasions to different social welfare groups, educational/research organizations and charitable trusts to benefit the masses, both nationally and internationally.

  • Millions of vaccine doses have been donated to countries like Uzbekistan, Lao Democratic Republic, Nepal, India and at subsidized price to the Philippines, to support their mass immunization campaigns against Measles and Rubella.
  • During the H1N1 pandemic, millions of doses of NASOVAC were donated to protect the underprivileged.

Gool Soli Poonawalla Leprosy Building, Pune

Serum Institute of India has constructed a Leprosy Rehabilitation Center for accommodation and training of Leprosy cured handicapped persons enabling them to support themselves and live a dignified life.


The Villoo Poonawalla Foundation and Serum Institute of India believe that education is a game changer in the lives of the underprivileged and with this aim have constructed and supported various schools.

  • Soli A. Poonawalla Memorial High School (Hadapsar, Pune)
  • Dr. Cyrus Poonawalla English Medium School (Uruli Kanchan, Pune)
  • Dr. Cyrus Poonawalla International School (Kolhapur)
  • Vidya Pratisthan’s, Villoo Poonawalla School (Baramati)
  • Villoo Poonawalla School (Alibaug)

We believe that the English language is essential for higher career prospects and so all the schools under the foundation are English medium schools.


Soli A Poonawalla Memorial High School, Pune


Dr. Cyrus S Poonawalla English Medium School, Urlikanchan

Water & Sanitation

A pilot plant providing 2 million liters of drinking water per day with a plan to increase this to 10 million liters has been commissioned to provide clean drinking water to those who do not have access to clean potable water in Pune city.

Serum Institute of India has also contributed towards several projects like widening and asphalting of roads, constructing public toilets and bridges, developing and maintaining gardens and also playgrounds to improve the quality of life of the local population.

Villoo Poonawalla Foundation

The Villoo Poonawalla Foundation was founded in 2012 in Memory of Villoo Poonawalla who passed away in 2010 and is run by her son Adar Poonawalla and daughter in law Natasha Poonawalla. For further information visit


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Towards 100% Green energy generation


Recognizing the linkage between energy, environment and climate change, Serum Institute is actively reducing its dependence on fossil fuels by working on renewable green projects such as Wind power generation, Solar Lightning and Steam generation through Carbon neutral solid fuel like bagasse Briquettes. Serum Institute collects environmental and energy data to compute its carbon footprint and identity opportunities for cutting down on carbon dioxide emission.

Wind Power Projects

With growing concerns for the environment, Serum institute has undertaken measures to reduce its carbon footprint by ensuring a reduction in GHG emissions by installing 57.2 MW Wind power projects utilizing the available wind energy. This generated electricity will displace equivalent electricity that would have been produced from Conventional fossil fuels. Currently almost 85% of our energy requirements are met by Wind power. Serum Institute has demonstrated leadership in environment management by obtaining Certificate of Emission reduction (CER).

Briquette Boiler Project

Serum Institute has also commissioned another green project viz Steam Generation through bagasse briquettes (Solid Fuel) which helps replace fossil fuels (Furnace oil/LDO) with one which is clean and a carbon neutral energy source. This reduces GHG emission for steam generation and helps conserve the rapidly depleting natural resources. Use of Briquettes also contribute to social benefits such as production of Briquettes generate man day employment opportunity, provides additional income to farmers as 70% of Indian populations depends on agriculture.

Initiatives related to energy/water conservation
  • Water efficiency improvement at operations by recycling about 60 to 65 % of waste water.
  • Solar street lighting for non polluting source of electricity and independent of the utility grid.

Serum Institute of India has constructed and maintain several gardens in the city that offer the community a green space for their health and wellbeing

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Mahatma Gandhi Udyan, Tasgaon

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Gool Poonawalla Garden, Pune

greenpark baramati

Poonawalla Park, Baramati