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Towards 100% Green energy generation


Recognizing the linkage between energy, environment and climate change, Serum Institute is actively reducing its dependence on fossil fuels by working on renewable green projects such as Wind power generation, Solar Lightning and Steam generation through Carbon neutral solid fuel like bagasse Briquettes. Serum Institute collects environmental and energy data to compute its carbon footprint and identity opportunities for cutting down on carbon dioxide emission.

Wind Power Projects

With growing concerns for the environment, Serum institute has undertaken measures to reduce its carbon footprint by ensuring a reduction in GHG emissions by installing 57.2 MW Wind power projects utilizing the available wind energy. This generated electricity will displace equivalent electricity that would have been produced from Conventional fossil fuels. Currently almost 85% of our energy requirements are met by Wind power. Serum Institute has demonstrated leadership in environment management by obtaining Certificate of Emission reduction (CER).

Briquette Boiler Project

Serum Institute has also commissioned another green project viz Steam Generation through bagasse briquettes (Solid Fuel) which helps replace fossil fuels (Furnace oil/LDO) with one which is clean and a carbon neutral energy source. This reduces GHG emission for steam generation and helps conserve the rapidly depleting natural resources. Use of Briquettes also contribute to social benefits such as production of Briquettes generate man day employment opportunity, provides additional income to farmers as 70% of Indian populations depends on agriculture.

Initiatives related to energy/water conservation
  • Water efficiency improvement at operations by recycling about 60 to 65 % of waste water.
  • Solar street lighting for non polluting source of electricity and independent of the utility grid.

Serum Institute of India has constructed and maintain several gardens in the city that offer the community a green space for their health and wellbeing

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Mahatma Gandhi Udyan, Tasgaon

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Gool Poonawalla Garden, Pune

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Poonawalla Park, Baramati