Fifty years
Fifty years


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R&D efforts are focused on developing vaccines that will meet the specific needs of different segments of the global population (e.g. development of the Meningococcal A Vaccine in collaboration with WHO and PATH for sub-Saharan Africa, development of Pandemic Influenza Vaccine) as well as on improving methods of vaccine delivery for its present range of vaccines viz. use of jet injectors, aerosol delivery, dry powder inhalation delivery etc. An example is the development of Aerosol Measles Vaccine which allows respiratory delivery of currently licensed Measles Vaccine, to make it a vaccine that is more safe, immunogenic, inexpensive, needle-free and easier to administer than an injection.

R&D Rinitiatives also include development of better adjuvants, heat stable vaccines, conjugate vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and others. Besides, there is an extensive range of vaccines in the development pipeline undergoing various stages of testing and clinical evaluation.

Serum Institute has the latest technology screeners to inspect its products for any minute particulate matter undetectable to the normal eye. Configured with high resolution CCD cameras and electronic controlled panel, the inspection is done fully automatically, thus reducing the margins of human errors. With the licensure of additional facilities, Serum Institute has the flexibility to produce vaccines in more than one plant, thus facilitating production of large number doses in the shortest time frame. This enables the Institute to improve the response time to cater to any international emergency or outbreak. Sophisticated tunnel systems, high speed vial washing, filling, stoppering and sealing machines are capable of working at a speed of 500 containers per minute and have been installed with filling accuracy to the third digit decimal point to ensure accuracy and consistency.