(Silymarin Capsules)
Suspension (Silymarin Suspension)

LIMARIN Capsules

Each capsule of LIMARIN 70 contains Silymarin 70 mg.
Each capsule of LIMARIN 140 contains Silymarin 140 mg.

LIMARIN Suspension
Each 5 ml (One teaspoonful) contains Silymarin 35mg in a flavoured base.

Colour : Sunset Yellow

Chemistry :
Silymarin contains three main components (Flavonolignans) namely Silybinin, Silycristin and Silydianin.

Description :

  • Therapeutic Class of Drug: Hepatoprotective (7, 8 Dihydroxyflaone)

  • Chemical Group: LIMARIN contains the active principle from the fruit of silybum marianum. The principle components are the flavonolignans, silibinin, silicristin and silidanin of which silibinin is the major component.

  • Development History: LIMARIN is developed from the active extract of the fruit of silybum marianum, or the milk thistle. Basically a European herbal product, well researched even in the USA.

Pharmacological Actions :

LIMARIN has a potent hepatoprotective effect by various mechanisms facilitating physiology and metabolism of hepatocytes. Free radical scavenging (antioxidant) action is via the glutathione system and superoxide dismutase. LIMARIN stimulates synthesis of polymerase l, enhances ribosomal protein synthesis and exerts a membrane stabilising effect.

LIMARIN also reduces prostaglandin Synthesis.

LIMARIN is known for its hepatoprotective action against hepatic glutathione depletion induced by ethyl alcohol and paracetamol in animal studies.

LIMARIN reduces the turnover of membrane phospholipids and stabilises both extra and intracellular membranes inside hepatocytes.

LIMARIN also increases the phagocytic activity of the Kupffer cells, contributing to hepatoprotective and regenerative effects.

Pharmacokinetics :
LIMARINis absorbed to the extent of about 50% following an oral dose. The major ingredient, Silibinin, is concentrated in the liver, reaches high concentration in the bile; almost 30 times that in plasma; peak levels are attained 2-8 hrs. following oral dose. Systemic half life is about 6.5 hrs. Main route of elimination is through the bile.

Drug Disease Interactions:
None specific.

Drug Drug Interaction:
None reported so far.


  • In patients with liver disorders, specially Hepatitis A.

  • Effective in preventing hepatic damage due to amanita poisoning.

  • In Cirrhosis of liver, Chronic hepatitis, Alcoholic liver disease, Drug induced liver damage and Fatty degeneration of the liver in diabetics

  • Supportive treatment in Alcoholic hepatitis, Chronic Active Hepatitis, Infective Hepatitis A, Infective Hepatitis B, Cirrhosis of the liver and Toxic liver damage due to drugs and toxins

Clinical Safety/Tolerability:
Hypersensitivity may occur; mild laxative effect has been reported.

Special Safety Considerations:
Uneventful use in pregnancy has been recorded. However, large scale safety studies have not been conducted.

Safety in pregnancy has not been established.

Safety in lactation has not been established. Use in pregnancy and lactation is not recommended.

Side Effects:
Mild laxative effects.

Adverse Effects/Reactions:
Not reported.

Toxicological Effects:
Not reported.

Weigh risk benefit ratio before use in pregnancy and lactation

None reported

None reported

Dosage and Administration:

Hepatitis A : LIMARIN 140 mg, one capsule thrice daily for 1 month.

Alcoholic Liver disease and other indications : LIMARIN140 mg, one capsule thrice daily for 3-6 months or as directed by the Physician.

Maintenance dose : LIMARIN70 mg, one capsule thrice daily or as directed by the Physician.

Mild to moderate :
10mg/kg body weight in 3 divided doses.

Severe : 20 mg/kg body weight in 3 divided doses.


Report to your doctor if any rash or itching or irritation occurs .


LIMARIN 70 :- Strip of 10 capsules, box of 10 strips.
LIMARIN140 :- Strip of 10 capsules, box of 10 strips.

Bottle of 100ml.

Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

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