Quality is the buzzword. The assurance of quality starts from the Raw Material itself as soon as it enters the premises. It goes without saying that Qualification studies are mandatory for all equipment and all production and analytical procedures are validated. The stringency of control can be adjudged by the challenge that the production of Measles vaccine poses, as it is totally preservative free.

Quality Control and Instrumentation Laboratory

The Quality Assurance department is well equipped with a huge investment in men and machines. The entire process is managed with the State-of-the-art EDP system, which controls and provides instant information on every aspect of Production and Quality Control. The QC of massive batches of MMR and DTP group of vaccines is a challenge in itself. All this has been possible with the high work ethic that ensures that every safeguard is instituted and every norm of cGMP is scrupulously followed.

Regular training of our 64 FDA approved Production experts and 45 FDA approved Testing experts through continuous professional development has played a significant role in this direction. Many of our experts are regularly sent for training to USA, UK, France, Netherlands, etc. This ensures that the latest advances in production and quality testing standards are quickly incorporated in our processes.

Complementing our team of competent and experienced personnel is the wide array of sophisticated analytical equipment. with these, our scientists have developed and adapted special tests, ensuring Total Quality Management.

Automatic Inspection Machine

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